Dont ask how, Ask Donkey How!

Dont ask how, Ask Donkey How!

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How to drive in the rain

With heavy downpour, with you in the middle of the road and unable to see the road clearly, what would you do? Stop the...

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How to do the vogue challenge

Let us understand what the Vogue Challenge on Tik-Tok is all about. This Vogue Challenge appeared on the horizon a few weeks back. This new...

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How to change car tyres

Tools that you need to perform the above mentioned task: Jack, Lug wrench, Fully inflated spare tire and vehicle owner’s manual. Also you need...

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How to bleach your hair

The following ingredients are necessary for bleaching your hair at home. Tip: To ensure you achieve good results and the bleach impacts your hair for...

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How to pet a cat

Here are the steps on how to pet a cat. Step 1 Soft scratch on the chin: Rub your fingernails or fingertips to rub the chin...

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