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How to wash your hands to keep yourself healthy

wash hands
wash hands

If you can bless yourself with something that can make an implausible difference in your life, it is cleanliness. And the first principle of staying hygienic is washing hands appropriately to ensure all the dust and germs get wiped away. Since, childhood parents highlight the significance of washing hands to have their kids install the habit since a very tender age.

If the habit of washing hands is followed religiously, it can protect the individuals from gastrointestinal infections like salmonella and respiratory infections like influenza. Microbes like Candida, Enterobacter, and Staphylococcus aureus proliferate and lead to the spread of various diseases. Twenty percent of diarrhea related diseases are caused by not scrubbing the hands on a regular basis which leads to the consumption of unnecessary antibiotics.

Step 1

Soak both your hands in water or in other words dampen them with water completely.

Step 2

Apply soap to your palms fingers and make sure it envelops the entire area of your hands.

Step 3

Rub both the palms against each other.

Step 4

Place your right palm on the back of your left hand with the fingers of the hands intertwined and vice versa for ten seconds and rub them against each other.

Step 5

Palm to palm with fingers entwined for 10 seconds.

Step 6

Then, interlock the fingers of one palm with the fingers of another palm.

Step 7

Massage your left thumb on the right palm and right thumb on your left palm each for 5 seconds.

Step 8

Rub the fingers of one palm on another palm and vice versa.

Step 9

Rub the fingers of one palm on another palm and vice versa.

Great! Your hands have now completely got ridden of all the germs. Also don’t forget to turn off the tap, because water is precious.

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