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How to wake up on time and not get late to school or work


If you have the power to win over the snooze button, you have it in yourself to make the day count. Imagine if you have to report to the office at 10 and you wake up at 9: 45 and the first thing you do is to curse at yourself before springing out from the bed, getting ready at a lightning fast pace and rushing to your workplace. In this entire hullabaloo, you left your important file at home and you are subjected to be at the receiving end from your boss.

Imagine the roots of that bad day stemmed from you not waking up on time. This is the splendacious intensity of the impact rising on time can have on your day and life. Legends like Michalel Phelps, Mark zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos wake up 3 hours before their day starts. No wonder they stand tall at the pinnacle of their own games.

Step 1

Firstly, try to analyze how many hours of sleep you need. And then orchestrate a sleep schedule for yourself. If you are not able to fall asleep easily, try avoiding consuming caffeine 3 to 4 hours before your bed time. And also refrain from looking at your screens an hour before calling it a day. And even if it gets late, don’t sleep with the assumption that you won’t be able to wake up, because sub- conscious mind plays a prominent role.

Step 2

Hit the gym regularly and give your muscles some rigorous workout, so that they fall asleep at night even before you know. And before you sleep make sure, the alarm clock is positioned far beyond your reach. And make sure you place a bottle of water besides you. Once the alarm rings, and you are compelled to get up from your cozy bed to shut it up, you have woken up. Your wake up level is at one.

Step 3

Once you look at the time, remind yourself that how chaotic things would get if you go back to your comfort zone [bed].And drink one entire glass of water to wake your mind from slumber. Once your body gets hydrated your wake up level is promoted from 1 to 3 .Step into the broad daylight as soon as you get up. Scientists have held that the daylight gives the brain the signals that it has to be up.

Step 4

Hanging posters with your most magnificent dreams highlighted on it in your room .Read them after you drink water. And now you are all set to do to sail in the direction of those dreams and create the life you have wanted to live.

And, now even you can be the one standing at the swashbuckling heights of your own game.

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