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How to use a N-95 mask


The world has become a battlefield, where the invisible demon is our enemy, Social distancing and the face mask are our weapons. In the times when the corona virus has brought the entire world to a grinding halt, masks have become the most sought after items. N95 masks are considered to be the most reliable ones. There is a specific manner in which these masks have to be employed to protect us. Let’s have glimpse of the procedure that explains its way of usage

Here are the steps on how to use a N-95 mask

Step 1

If you are already catapulted by a clinical condition, using the mask may make your breathing exercise difficult to a certain level. Individuals suffering from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma should consider the opinion of a medical advisor before deciding to use this. And if at any point in time you happen to endure a headache, nausea or dizziness leave that particular place and consult your family doctor at the earliest.

Step 2

Make sure you only use an N-95 mask that has been awarded certification by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Because masks that are not recognized by this institute might not be efficient enough to help you achieve your objective of using them.

Step 3

You must adhere to the instructions of the provider before using it. It should envelop your nose and mouth and fit perfectly so that it obstructs any dusk from entering in. It will not benefit the individuals who have a beard grown on their face and it is significantly necessary to use the straps from both the sides for the mask to get a grip of your face.

Step 4

Perform two checks on your shield to ensure it is strong enough to protect you.

Positive pressure check: Shelter your mask with both your hands and exhale exhaustively. If the mask has been placed perfectly air wont puff out. If it does try to place it in the right position.

Negative pressure check: Let you’re both hands embrace the mask and inhale if you feel a valve of air exhaling it means that your mask is not placed properly. Do it.

Step 5

If you happen to encounter tremendous struggle to breathe, it means that your mask has been clogged. In such cases the mask gets dirty and deformed. Discard it and get a new one for yourself.

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