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How to pet a cat

Here are the steps on how to pet a cat.

Step 1

Soft scratch on the chin: Rub your fingernails or fingertips to rub the chin or the jaw bone as this will make the cat push into your stroke or reciprocate as a symbol of happiness.

Step 2

Focus on the area between or behind the ears. Apply gentle pressure on the area behind the ears. . The base of the ears is another scent-marking spot for cats.

  • If she bumps her head against yours means she considers you as someone who is close to her. 

Step 3

Tap the cheeks behind the whiskers of the cat gently. 

Step 4

Move your hand across the side of the cat’s face in a gentle manner. And strike the top of the head with your thumb, cats like it.

Step 5

Let the cat sniff you before you pet it so it can become comfortable with you. Give the ca to sniff you to be able to get comfortable with you. Extend a hand or finger and allow the cat a chance to touch his/her nose to you.

  • If s/he shows no interest in your hand or just stares at it suspiciously, reconsider your intention to pet her. Try some other time when the cat would be in a good mood.
  • If the cat sniffs your hand, meows, and then rubs her chin or the side of his/her head against it, or brushes the side of his/her body on you, chances are s/he is open and fine for you to being touch it. Open the palm of your hand and gently touch her body.

Step 6

Allow the cat to have his own sweet time to bump his head into yours. That is a strong sign that the cat trusts you and will allow you to play with it.

Step 7

Pet the cat when it jumps into your lap and tries to come close to you itself. If it sits on your lap give it all your love and stroke it gently on the head when it is seeping on its side. Cats simply love that.

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