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How to make a mask without sewing

make mask 1
make mask 1

In the times of the deadly pandemic, when the entire world is trying to grapple with changed lifestyle and keep themselves safeguarded from this deadly demon, the masks have proven to be the ultimate shields that can save us from falling in the trap of highly dreaded corona virus.

There are umpteen ways and materials with which you can make a mask but quilter cotton is the best of the best, if it is unavailable you may go for a bandana, tea towel, or an old t-shirt to make a mask for yourself. It has been advised that cloth face masks should be used as the intensity of this disease is increasing day by day, it is not that the masks alone can be your protectors, but they form a safety layer around you as there are umpteen asymptomatic and undiagnosed victims of this pandemic all around you.

Dr. Scott Segal of Wake Forest Baptist Health recently stated that the best fabric for DIY masks is the one made up of denser fabric weave. The denser the fabric, the lesser is the chance of corona being transmitted. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine at your place I will give you directions following which you will be able to mask in a few minutes. 

Making a mask with the materials available at home, without a sewing machine is a matter of a few steps.

Here are the steps on how to make a mask without sewing.

Step 1

Get all the items you will need to make it on your desk: Cotton cloth ,coffee filter , rubber bands and scissors is all need to make a mask for to protect yourself.

Step 2: Lay the Bandana or a fabric flat

Step 3

Keeping the bandana about 6 inches tall (don’t worry about the width just yet), fold it over evenly, at least three times, creating four layers of fabric. If you are using a coffee filter, place it inside the center of your mask.

Step 4

Pull each elastic onto the bandana. Leave a six inch space between them.

Step 5

Fold the fabric on one side inward, letting the elastics denote the outer edges of your mask. Tuck both the ends of fabric into each other.

Step 6

Ensure the mask completely covers your nose and mouth, fitting perfectly on your face. Remember if this condition is not fulfilled, the objective of wearing the mask won’t be met.

Also, adopt the practice of washing hands regularly maintain social distancing to win the battle with corona virus. Stay safe!

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