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How to make a live wallpaper on your phone

live wall
live wall

When you open your mobile or desktop, the first thing you set your eyes on is your wallpaper. And, if it is breathtaking and mesmerizing enough to invigorate and energize you to deal with your work, why not?

Live wallpapers are a visual treat that revitalizes you and give you the much-needed boost to go ahead with your work. In the world of visuals where the brain loves to see relaxing things and enjoys it more , live wallpapers have created waves.

Here are the steps on how to make a live wallpaper.


Step 1

Click on settings and select wallpaper.

Step 2

Hit the select new wallpaper option. Save it.

Step 3

Place the GIF in whichever way you feel its suitable.

Step 4

After tapping decide whether you want it to be on the home screen or the lock screen. You can also have it entertain you both ways.


Step 1

Log in to your desired app and hit “Gallery “From the gallery select the best video that can make for an amazing wallpaper. 

Step 2

Now choose the features and elements you would want to add to your video. Play audio, play video screen are some of the few.

Step 3

After customizing those settings, move on to your last click that is to hit the ‘Set wallpaper”

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