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How to learn how to drive a car or other vehicles

driving donkey
driving donkey

‘Drive yourself to your dream destination’. Everyone waits to attain the age when they would be allowed to learn, get a license and start driving. Depending on the cabs, someone to drop you or pick you up would delay your work and consume a lot of time, but if you master the skill of driving it will take you places, will increase your mobility and make you self dependent. Many have this inbuilt fear of driving inside them installed so strongly that only because of this fear they deprive themselves of long drives and road trips. First step in the journey of mastering this skill is that you have to get rid of this fear, or else it will not let you reach the finishing line. 

Remember, don’t let your craze for speed end the joy ride of your life. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly to rescue you.

You may feel the road is to difficult or the vehicles around you are driving at a pace you cannot match. Dont worry! Straight roads have never made skillful drivers and life is a bumpy road, eventually you will learn how to drive.

Step 1

Get your learner’s permit: First and foremost step is getting your learning license. Visit your regional transport office and find out all the documents you have to submit along with your application to fetch the license. After you have done that, appear for the learners test where you will be asked basic questions regarding driving and road signals, syllabus of which is given prior to the exam. After you pass the test, you will be allowed officially to train on the road with a trained driver.

Step 2

Enroll in a driving school: It is risky to try on your own and neither it is allowed. And, driving in your campus premises will not alone make you can accomplished driver. You have to go out in the real world. The road. Hence, join a motor driving school, where a trained driver will train you to combat the struggles of driving on the road. One hand experience of driving on road along with the trainer will also ensure your safety.

Step 3

Pay attention to your surroundings: While you are driving , make sure your eyes move with your car, because if you are eyes are doing their work , any car or any person or even any sudden object coming in front cannot cause any accident. Look straight and whenever you stop the vehicle look behind and always pay attention to traffic signals. Kepp to the left side of the road. Be prepared to set the pace of the car according to the potholes and speed bumps. 

 Step 4

Pass the license exam: Prepare and practice well to get your license and even after you receive your license don’t directly plan to go to night road trips or to hill stations. Let your eyes and hands get in the tone of driving.

Drive safe!

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