How to insert audio in Google slides

audio slides
audio slides

When you wish to add some music or some soothing sound to your presentation to make it more appealing, eye-catching or to draw the audience’s attention to you instantaneously, adding an audio clip to the slides is your answer.

Here are the steps on how to insert audio in google slides.

Step 1

Log on to SoundCloud and direct yourself to the page the soundtrack is located , which you wish to experiment on. 

Step 2

Select the option of share by hitting that button.

Step 3

hit ctrl +C to copy the URL of the audio.

Step 4

Go on to the vslides in the background of which you wish to play the file.

Step 5

Choose the file where you want the audio track to play its magic.

Step 6

Select the icon present on the link.

Step 7

Click on insert and select link from the dropdown menu.

Step 8

Pasting the link in the text box select “Apply’’

Step 9

Select “Present” to test the file.

Step 10

Select play on the window that appears with the audio file.

Step 11

Hit the play button.

Step 12

Minimize the browser window to return to your presentation.

 Step 13

When you want to end the audio, return to the web page for the soundtrack and select Pause.

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