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How to go viral on tik tok


Many artists, comedians are trying to use this platform to the fullest to make a name for themselves they have always wanted to make in the industry. Going  viral on any video platform, waking up to a million followers the next morning and becoming a trendsetter is a dream all users wish to realize. Tik-Tok became the most downloaded non gaming app in 2019.

Nick Tangorra , New York–based singer and stage performer had tried to use Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to come into limelight, but couldn’t do much. But the platform of Tik-Tok gave him his first break, when he had reached a million views on Tik-Tok in 2018. Therefore, your first break relies on how you perform on such platforms and how well your videos are received by viewers.

Here are the steps on how to go viral on tik tok

Step 1

Hop on to the trends. But make sure you remix those trends. The hotter the trends, the easier it will be for you to make it work in your favour. Remix your favourite trends, without copying the original one and dont’t stand out, then there is a very slight chance of your video going viral. Try to be original and unique.

Step 2

Post things that have never been seen on Tik-Tok and never have been posted by anyone. There are generally videos in which people are dancing, lip-syncing and singing. The secret sauce is to bring something unique as there are no regulations on this platform. Try to show new things that are related to you and very close to your heart. It can be anything from the weird things that is happening in the laboratory or the fish “dancing” int the tank in your living room . Something which hasn’t been posted,will make people take keen interest and like it, which will ensure that Tik-Tok displays your video to more and more people.

Step 3

Use popular songs, many a times people use the same songs, find songs that are trending and use them in your videos.

Step 3

Post consistently. Even if your videos don’t go viral, keep posting as it will help you to be in touch with the platform.

Step 4

Use relevant hash tags. Find the hashtags relating to the concept , right before you post.

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