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How to get rid of a toothache

Donkey toothache
Donkey toothache

Motivational speakers help us overcome crushing failures, best of the counselors assist us in surviving heart breaks and then we have the great dentists to mend our tooth aches. The mere mention of ‘dentists’ used to send shivers down my spine as a kid. Toothache is the kind of ailment every child wishes he could have had an escape from. Unfortunately, right from a 7 year old whose milk teeth drops off to a 70 year old who is getting a denture fixed, everyone has to endure their share of pain caused by the teeth in the buckle cavity. A toothache is one of the horrendous pains to endure. And if you are one of those unfortunate ones who is caught in the trap of this worst pricking struggle at odd hours when the dentist’s office is closed it can make your life a living hell.

Let’s go through a few tips and home remedies that can help us to battle this excruciating and agonizing demon.

Here are the stops on how to get rid of a toothache

Step 1 : The ancient remedy salt water

This is probably one of the best ways for soothing a toothache. Mingle 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and use it as a mouth wash for 15 seconds. Sprinkle it out from your mouth and repeat the process 5 times. The salty water destroys the bacteria in the area causing pain .This is considered to be one of the easiest and the oldest remedies to get rid of tooth pain. Gargling with Listerine can also provide immediate relief.

Step 2 : The quickness of painkillers

Painkillers like aspirin, paracetamol and diclofenac act as catalysts to reduce the intensity of the pain. A sore tooth can make your life difficult as you would hardly be able to talk or eat. Painkiller is the perfect weapon against it.

Step 3 : The properties of clove oil

Clove oil is an ingredient regularly added to all the dental products. The anti –bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features of clove oil decrease the pain quickly. That helps ease tooth pain and fight infection. 

Step 4 : The magic of an ice pack

Add 2-3 ice cubes to a plastic sachet or envelop the cubes with a cotton cloth and press it on the affected area from outside. The exposure to the chilled temperature will grant the much sought after relief.

Step 5 : Guava leaves

The anti microbial elements in the guava leaves assist in soothing the pain. Combine crushed guava leaves to hot water and gargle.

Step 6 : The alcohol in vanilla extract

Use a ball of cotton dipped in the extract, by rubbing it on the sore throat. The alcohol in the mixture will act as a pain healer.

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