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How to fix constipation and prevent it


Constipation is one tremendous issue that can may the entire digestive system go haywire. Constipation is a tremendously irritating issue as it causes abdominal difficulties and pain due to stools being hard, dry and rough and difficulties. About,16 out of 100 adults suffer from constipation. Less physical activity caused due to sedimentary lifestyle as well as a lack of a nourished diet are the factors propelling constipation. And, with a constipated body where one is not able to relieve himself can lead to irritation and consumption problems. Diet heavy in meat and dairy products and lack of water consumption along with alcohol and sugar can be the major constipation causing agents in the body.

Here are the steps on how to fix constipation.

Step 1

Add high-fiber foods like fruits and green vegetables and whole grains to your diet.

Step 2

4 glasses of water each day after you wake up in the morning should be a must.

Step 3

A ten minute walk each day will make up for the lack of exercise should be executed each day. Alcohol and caffeine should be out of your dictionary. It has been stated in studies conducted over the years, that exercise does affect your body movements, give it a try.

Step 4

Magnesium citrate is a prominently available at home remedy.It can heal the problem even if administered in nominal amounts.

Step 5

Prebiotic foods can be the solution. These fibers can cure chronic constipation and also improvise the digestive health. Garlic, onions and bananas are some of the examples of prebiotic foods.

Step 6

The low foodmap diet is used to cure Irritable bowel syndrome that constipation causes. 

 Step 7

Hog on shirataki noodles 

Glucomannan has been shown to effectively treat constipation. Glucomann has been known to function as a prebiotic bacteria. To consume and experience the benefits of Glucomann , one needs to eat shirataki noodles which are made up of Glucomann.

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