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How to fix a broken zipper


In this article, we would be talking about different problems that the zipper encounters and how we can resort to umpteen ways for each issue. If you are facing any problem with your zipper and aren’t able to solve it, day in and day out it will be a troublemaker, unless you buy a new one. But even, it is a temporary solution, because there is a possibility that the new one which you will very enthusiastically get for yourself, may bring in new difficulties sooner or later. Here, we will teach you how to tackle the issue in simplified ways. Follow the directions given below and you will be sorted.

Here are the steps on how to fix a broken zipper if the slider comes off the track of teeth

Step 1

If one or both sides of the slider happen to come off the teeth, the zipper doesn’t require to be mandatorily dropped, you can just reattach it. You have to begin with the zip which is at the lower end of the zipper. If you can’t tell which is the right side, find the end with a square tab of fabric after the zip finishes.

Then, feed the teeth from that end into the slider. If you need extra leverage to push the teeth into place, use a flathead screwdriver. Once the teeth are on both sides of the slider, use the puller to move it up and down the track to lock it in place.

Step 2: Use tweezers

Double-check if there is anything grabbed between the zip, remove the material or particle before you try to put the zip back in place. If you are not able to, you can consider using a pair of tweezers which you can use to move upwards and downwards on the zipper to get rid of the material that is stuck. 

Step 3: Use a pencil or washing up liquid

You can take the help of a pencil if the zip doesn’t happen to move, you can rub the lid of the pencil on the teeth of the zipper and a washing liquid can be a good lubricant.

Step 4

Vaseline can be a good resort if the above-mentioned resorts fail. Grab a cotton bud and rub vaseline on it. Now rub this bud over the teeth. Due to the sticky nature of Vaseline, the obstacle particles stuck on the teeth wilI come off. And like washing liquid this will also not add to any stains on your favorite zipper.

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