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How to finance a motorcycle or a car

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Getting the brand New Honda City or the Vespa is a dream every guy or girl nurtures in her heart. Being able to scoot on those two wheels and not having to depend on any form of public transport itself sounds so relaxing and refreshing. As soon as we start earning, firstly we figure out whether we can afford a two wheeler with our commencing salary and even when we have not received our payment we start finding out about loans and checking out latest models and imagining ourselves riding them. Motorcycle lovers have a strong emotional quotient with their respective bikes and love their bikes from the bottom of their hearts, because it is the bike of their dreams that has finally come to them.

Lets see what all hurdles we can successfully cross to own that bike

Financing a Motorcycle Is Similar to Financing a Car

There are some distinctions in sponsoring a bike or a car, but whether you gift yourself a bike or a car, it is definitely 

Where to Get a Motorcycle Loan

The most preferred option of buying a motorcycle is to have patience till you have saved enough cash.  All motorcycle dealerships would be more than happy to work for you ,but don’t expect the best rates. And be alert while reading the terms and conditions.

Motorcycle manufacturers are another potential source of financing. They may offer special financing programs as part of their sales promotion efforts, particularly on unpopular or newly introduced models. Always ask your dealer if there are any OEM (original equipment manufacturer) loans available on the models you are interested in.

OEM loan options apply to new bikes only. You can’t use these loans for a used bike.

One of the most beneficial places where you can apply for a loan is through a local bank or credit union. The rates and terms available are almost much much better than the ones you receive from other sources that you would receive from other sources.

In addition to traditional banks and credit unions, there are online lending options. These can be viable options, but you must do your homework. Research the lender to determine how credible they are. Seek out reviews from past customers.

How to apply for a motorcycle loan:

Step 1

Fill the online application form for a two-wheeler loan and the loan status will be highlighted instantly.

Step 2

Visit the showroom and choose the bike you want, after thoroughly researching about the technicalities of the model.

Step 3

Submit the required documents at the earliest so that the processing for the loan can begin as early as possible.

Step 4

Once the loan is approved by the respective resource, you will get the delivery of the bike of your choice.

You can also take a loan from your trusted friends and buy the two-wheeler if they waive off your interest. It will save you from the hustle and bustle of applying for a loan and all other formalities.

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