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fake sleep

10 at night, my father would come home and always wanted me to read some book or study even at that hour, minutes before the bell ranged and he entered the house I would go into my room, pull the blanket and close my eyes. Upon entering he would call out my name and shout aloud , I would close my eyes, covering my face with the blanket would fake that I was asleep. I saved myself from late-night study sessions almost everyday by fake sleeping. So I have like an experienced a decade in fake sleeping. Have you ever had the need to pretend that you were asleep because you did not want to do any task or not want speak to a person at that particular time and to not get rude you resorted to faking that you were asleep in the cozy comfort of your bed, under your blanket.

Here are the steps on how to fake sleep.

Step 1

Choose a natural sleeping position: Pick a sleeping position that you usually sleep in .And lie down naturally, without moving a bit. If you sleep in your normal position, people wont find out.

Step 2

Lie motionless in your bed, if you move like you move in sleep, you wont be able to fake that you are fast asleep. Try to concentrate or think about something serious in your life, that will ensure you don’t move unnecessarily.

Step 3: Close your eyes gently. 

Don’t close your eyelids tightly. Because when you are asleep your eyelids are relaxed, it will clarify and indicate that you are asleep, fulfilling your objective. Look downwards, tilt your head in the downward position so that your eyelids don’t stutter and no one makes out that you are awake.

Step 4

Breathe in a relaxed manner: Count in your brain, while you breathe. Breathing is a very important factor for faking your sleep. The consistent pace of your breathing will give people an impression that you are in deep sleep

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