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How to doodle

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  1. Maintain a doodle journal
  2. Reserve  a page in your bullet journal to practice your favorite doodle ideas
  3. Doodle on a rough paper , before using the fair ones.
  4.  Doodle in your own manner, whichever way you want to express yourself and don’t let the fact that you are doodles are different from others bother you. Its what you have made and doodling is to relax your mind and for your own entertainment.

Here are the steps on how to doodle.

Step 1

Just to get in the knack of doodling, for the first ten minutes sketch on a scrap paper or a rough paper, however it comes to your mind. This is in a way getting your mind and eyes to coordinate, before you actually start doodling. You are not going to plan your fair doodle in this time frame, just move your sketchpen , paint brush or your marker whichever way you wish to and let your imagination soar high and your hands weave magic.

Step 2

Look at the basic shapes. Like the notebook or a long book is a rectangular, the lights in your house that is circular or trees that are of different shapes. Try to draw these shapes and proceed further.

Step 3

Have diversity of thickness in your shapes and lines and use a variety of thickness in your lines. Expand your pen collection and have an extensive variety of nib sizes to select from.

Step 4

Figure out a point of time in your day that you’re the most fresh and the most mentally active. Also find a place in your house or maybe a café that gives you the most peace and relaxation. It can be your workplace or your favourite restaurant or yourself sitting with your earphones in a garden. Your place and day of time matters the most. The more happy and relaxed your mind is the more creative juices will flow. 

Step 5

Remember one thing clearly, there is no perfect or wrong manner of doodling. This is not an exam where an answer can be right or wrong. Things are not black and white here.  Practice in your own manner and chisel the most creative version of yourself to bring a scintillating doodle to the table.

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