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How to do the vogue challenge

vougue challenge
vougue challenge

Let us understand what the Vogue Challenge on Tik-Tok is all about.

This Vogue Challenge appeared on the horizon a few weeks back. This new exciting challenge made all the tik-tokers take keen interest as they have to make a video which reflected the body of one person along with the legs of some other individual. It requires two people to fulfill this challenge.

To create this video you need a man and a woman ,one shows the body and other his/her legs. It is most popularly known for showcasing a man’s body with female’s legs as the weird combination entertains people and such videos are all about adding a pinch of entertainment.

How to do the Vogue Challenge on TikTok?

Completing the vogue challenge on Tik-Tok is not an art or an engineering degree which will take you years to master it, you require a male and a female to successfully create a vogue challenge video.

Here are the steps on how to do the vogue challenge.

Doing the Vogue Challenge on TikTok is not rocket science as anyone can do it easily. Making such videos, however, requires a male and a female as mentioned above. Create a Vogue Challenge video following the steps given below-

Step 1

Position the camera in a way, which can elevate to the height of the sofa or your bed.

Step 2

Generally, the man lies down on the bed, sofa or floor on your stomach facing the camera

Step 3

The woman should sleep on the back of the man on her back. But, make sure the leg is near the face.

Step 4

Then switch on the video option and create the video.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial of the vogue challenge

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