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How to delete your Instagram account


Breathtaking scenery, wonderful destinations, utterly delicious food and pictures of all the happening things in this world will be available to you by clicking that Instagram icon . If there is something that can instantaneously lighten up your mood by giving you a visual treat, it is the magnanimously trending app amongst the youth, “Instagram”.

Here are the steps on how you can delete your Instagram account

Once the account is deleted it cannot be reactivated again,,neither can you open a different account with the same username. For security guidelines Instagram cannot delete the account, you will have to do it.

Step 1

Head to the Delete Your Account page from your mobile browser or your computer .In case you have not logged in from the desktop, you will need to login to delete first.

Step 2

Click on the option ‘’Why are you deleting your account?’’ and typing your password is necessary for security reasons before deleting your account.

Step 3

Select the ‘’Permanently delete my account” option to direct your account to be permanently deleted.

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