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How to delete apps on mobile phone


You understand how it is. Over the last few months, you have downloaded a pack of applications, since almost all of them are free, correct?  And after trying them out, you decided that a few are not for you. Or you found another one you prefer.

For whatever cause, it does not take long before your cell phone is only loaded with applications. Now you’ve run out of storage area and have four home displays filled with application icons, nearly all of which you haven’t touched for a long time.  That said, here are steps on how to delete apps and empty some storage room. 

Step 1

The straightforward method to delete an application is to execute it straight from the home display. It couldn’t be uncomplicated. Merely tap and hold on any folder or icon.

Step 2

After a few seconds, all your folders and icons will begin to perform a little jiggle, and the application icons will obtain an X icon in the top left-hand. 

Step 3

If you’ve got a device with three-dimension touch, be cautious not to push too much. A hard push will likely materialize a popup menu instead of placing the home display in its reorganization mode. 

Step 4

 You may now tug around your application icons to shift them or haul above each other to generate folders. If you touch the X symbol, it will remove the application. 

Step 5

 If you wish to remove applications within folders, touch on a folder to enlarge either after or before you tap-and-hold.  

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