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How to create Instagram filter


Before grasping the procedure of creating a magical filter, let’s first try to absorb why creating instagram filter is immensely important.

Because when you know you’re “Why” you would know your “How”

Instagram filters can get your brand into the limelight.

  1. Filters indicate the texture of your brand; Sincere, light hearted or playful. These filters highlight what makes your brand stand apart from your rivals.
  2. These filters also help you to connect and break the ice with your audience.
  3. Filters also make people more informed about your brand. If you add your logo into your filter, people see it more and more. It will also increase the popularity of your brand.

Here are the steps on how to create an Instagram filter.

Step 1

Download “AR sparkle studios” as it is a very friendly and super easy to use tool.

Step 2 : Decide on the effect

Zero in on the effect that you want to give to your filter. You can create a new filter for yourself or also use the one from the templates provided.

Next, walk through the tutorials in the Learning Center to get a feel for the program’s interface. Once you’re ready to get started, decide whether you’ll create a filter from scratch or choose from one of the eight templates.

We’re going to walk through the World Object template. This involves putting a 3D object into the real world, just like Coca-Cola Poland did with its polar bear.

Step 3 : Begin the process

When you open the template, you will see a view port where you will build your filter. You will build your filter in this view port.

Step 4 : Upload a 3D asset

Select a 3D asset for your filter from the AR Library or get one for yourself.

Step 5 : Edit the behavior of the uploaded graphic.

Now, you’ll see you’re uploaded in the Viewport. Using the Scene panel, edit how it looks, moves and interacts with the real-world.

Step 6 : Test your effect

You can upload your test file to instagram and face book to see how it works on the stories.

Step 7 : Publish your effect

Hit the “upload” button located at the bottom besides “test on device” tab.

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