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How to create break out rooms on zoom


In the times of the deadly pandemic, which has turns the entire world upside down with its terrible wave and tremendously rapid spread, virtual meeting platforms are on the rise as it is the only alternative available to be connected with people on the professional front and also the personal front. Zoom has largely been a pillar of support to corporate professionals, students, trainers and have also come to the rescue of the ones who are caught somewhere else due to the strict lockdown to be in touch with their beloved family and friends.

The zoom app offers umpteen features one of them being creating zoom meeting rooms.

Zoom breakout rooms help you to facilitate different sessions for different people at the same time in the same meeting, but a different room. In the session, if you have to categorize people into different sets and conduct different sessions at the same time, zoom break out rooms will be your solution.

One zoom meeting can be split into 50 breakout rooms. The host has the option of shifting the participants to the breakout room in between the session or even the beginning of the meeting and he can move them to the main meeting room at any point in time in the meeting.

Break out rooms facilitate audio, video and screen share options.

There are some limitations on the recordings of breakout rooms, like if it is being recorded on the cloud, it will record only the main meeting room and if it is being locally recorded it will only record the room the person recording is a part of.

Here is how to create break out rooms on zoom.

Step 1

Begin with an instant or meeting that has been orchestrated.

Step 2

Click on the option of ‘’break out rooms”

Step 3

Click on the number of rooms you wish to create and how you want to add each participant, either manually or automatically. Either you can let zoom do the separation or you can do it yourself and add each participant to whichever room you want to.

Step 4

Hit the option of’’ Click breakout rooms”

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