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How to bleach your hair

blonde donkey
blonde donkey

The following ingredients are necessary for bleaching your hair at home.

Tip: To ensure you achieve good results and the bleach impacts your hair for the good. Don’t wash your hair for 2-3 days prior to the bleach

  • 1.Tinting brush
  • 2.Clips for sectioning
  • 3.Plastic/Latex gloves
  • 4.Plastic/Glass mixing bowl
  • 5.Shower cap/ Plastic bag
  • 6.Balancing shampoo
  • 7.Protein balancing conditioner
  • 8.Old towel and clothes
  • 9.Toner (optional)

Set up all your ingredients on a table and make sure you position the lightning well. 

Here are the steps on how to bleach your hair

Step 1:

Don old clothes: To not spoil your regular clothes with the bleach, set out some old clothes and put them on. Don’t forget to put on the gloves. 

Step 2

Divide your hair into two divisions: Firstly work on the back of your hair and to not let it mix with your crown, divide it properly. After the back hair, move towards your crown.

Step 3

Combine the bleach powder and developer: Add the bleach powder to the developer and stir it well. The amount in which you take the developer should be twice the bleach powder. The quantity of the bleach powder and the developer is important as far as the quality of the bleach is concerned. Make sure the mixture is consistent.

Step 4

Now its time to apply the prepared bleach: Firstly apply it to the back of your hair and then go on to the crown section as mentioned before. After you are done with this step, reach for a shower cap to cover your head. Its very important. 

Step 5

Relax and watch it do wonders to your hair: Listen to songs or maybe read a book for 45 minutes as you wait for the bleach to work on your hair.

Step 6

Don’t let the mixture be applied to your hair for more than 45 minutes. Take a shower and wash your hair thoroughly. Also, follow up with the shampoo by applying a protein balancing conditioner immediately to nourish your hair.

Step 7: Alternative for bleach

You can use the toner instead of the bleach. Follow all the above steps using the toner.

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