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How to beat Cliff in Pokemon Go

donkey cliff
donkey cliff

Every time you meet Cliff he can have am another squad, as the last two entries are randomized. There’s no set strategy, so you need a perfect tactic to take over him . However, once you find out what his second and third Pokémon are you can handle it in a better manner.

Here are the steps on how to beat cliff in Pokemon Go

First pokemon:

Cliff is guaranteed to send out Stantler as his first Pokémon. Stantler is a Normal-type Pokémon who will utilise a combination of Normal and Psychic-type fast moves, as well as Normal, Bug, and Electric-type charge moves.

Second pokemon:

So, you’ve beaten Cliff’s Stantler. Here’s where things start to get a little complicated. The Team Rocket captain’s next Pokémon will be one of three random options: Marowak, Onix, or Electivire. Marowak is a ground-type Pokémon who will use Ground and Fighting fast moves, as well as Ground charge moves. The best options against Marowak will be picks that can counter these attacks while also dealing massive damage against the Pokémon. Consider bringing in Tropius or Gyarados to deal with it.

Onix is a Rock and Ground-type Pokémon who uses Normal and Ground-type fast moves as well as Rock, Steel, and Ground charge moves. To battle Onix, consider using Grass, or Water Pokémon. One of the best options is Torterra, a Grass and Ground-type who will deal tons of damage against Onix and can protect itself against most of Onix’s strongest attacks.

Electivire is an Electric-type Pokémon who will use Electric and Fighting-type fast moves, as well as Electric and Ice-type charge moves. Think of  using Ground-type Pokémon such as Garchomp or Rhyperior to easily defeat your opponent.

Third Pokémon

Now it’s time to take on Cliff’s final Pokémon, which can be one of these three randomly chosen options: Tyranitar, Swampert, or Torterra. These three are the worst enemies you will encounter, So be prepared.

Tyranitar is a Dark and Ground-type Pokémon who uses Dark and Steel-type fast moves, as well as Fire, Rock, and Dark-type moves. Tyranitar might seem rather intimidating at first glance, but he is easily countered by Fighting-type Pokémon. The best thing to do in this scenario is to use Lucario, but other strongviolent ones will work , such as Machamp or Heracross. 

Swampert is a Ground and Water-type Pokémon who will use Ground and Water-type fast moves, as well as Ground, Water and Poison charge moves. Swampert is a bit more difficult than Tyranitar to counter. The strongest Pokémon to set against Swampert is a Grass-type, but Swampert is likely to use super powerful poison-type moves against them. Torterra is a Grass and Ground-type Pokémon who uses Dark and Grass-type fast moves, as well as Ground, Rock and Grass-type charge moves. The best Pokémon to bring against Torterra are Fire or Ice-types. Be extra  careful if you bring along an Ice-type, since Torterra can still deal serious damage to your Pokémon with his charge moves.

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