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How to back up your iPhone


Why is a back up important?

‘’There are two types of devices: Those that have failed and those that will fail”. Never be under the assumption that your smart device is very smart. 58 percent of i-Phones failed in January 2016and 28 percent failed in June 2016. And, if you turn out to be that unfortunate user, you would be the one losing out on tons of data. Its always better to prepare for the calamity before it arises. Aren’t this figures alarming enough to state the significance of a back up.

There are three ways to back up your iPhone: 1. iCloud Back up

                                                                             2. i-Tunes back up

                                                                             3. Acronis true image

Here are the steps on how to back up your phone

iCloud Backup

Step 1

Make sure your smartphone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.

Step 2

Click on settings and the tap iCloud.

Step 3

Click on iCloud Backup at the bottom.

Step 4

Hit the “Back Up Now” button and keep your connected to your Wi-Fi network or else it the back up will fail.

i-Tunes Back up

Step 1

iTunes and connect the device to your laptop or desktop.

Step 2

Enter your password, when it asks you to.

Step 3

Choose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it  displays in the iTunes . 

Acronis true image

Step 1

Start Acronis true image.

Step 2

Hit ‘back up’ button.

Step 3

Sign in to your Acronis account.

Step 4

Select the data back up to your categories account.

Step 5

Click on back up now.

Step 6

Allow Acronis true image to control your data.

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